Mediumship Readings

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Janine uses a scheduling program called “Calendly.” When you click the oval buttons below you will be directed to a page where you can schedule a date and time that works for you and/or your group.

Medium readings can serve as a reminder that your connections remain intact, even though your loved ones have crossed over to The Other Side. The strength of those connections are something you carry with you long after the reading ends, and can help with feelings of loss.

A medium reading should be a sacred experience; even though your loved ones are no longer here in the physical realm, your connection with them is no less powerful. You play an important role in setting up that sacred space ahead of time.

While we can’t control who shows up from the Other Side, you can certainly invite people who you want to connect with. You can do that — in your mind — a couple of days before your reading. Invite whomever you’d like; it’s not unusual to have multiple people show up from the Other Side during a reading — and that’s fine. The more the merrier!

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