Spiritual Teachers

Janine Steffens

Spiritual Teacher

Janine Steffens is an international recognized social media interviewer and Spiritual teacher who has provided readings for Hundreds of private consultations with clients from all over the world. Janine passion is teaching self-empowerment.

Janine’s message; we all need to move from the Matrix to knowing no one has authority over anyone and question everything and everyone!

Janine Steffens will bring new Guests to her show and each and every one should use their own discernment with new information and decided If the message is aligned with you.

Self-empowerment is your divine connection to source and listening and paying attention to synchronicity of your life.

Janine will continue to provide private Akashic Record classes in 2023. Please look for Calendly and book your consultation while seats are available.

Lydia Hiby

Spiritual Teacher

Website: https://lydiahiby.com/

Lydia is the most sought-after animal communicator around. Her childhood dream of becoming a ‘Fairy Godmother’ to animals seems to have come true.
Her clients come from every state in the U.S. and European countries galore. People so different yet sharing the love of their pet and their belief in Lydia’s gift.
Her client list numbers over 60,000 over 40 years, and many began as skeptics. Lydia likes skeptics, she says, and believes that once she proves to herself to a skeptic that skeptic becomes her best publicity.
Lydia also co-authored a book, Conversations with Animals, detailing some of her experiences.